Some friends are just friends for life.  You’ve known them at a key moment or for so long that they’re part of who you are.  My two girlfriends from high school are like this and that was reaffirmed for me last night at my very small high school reunion.   We’ve been friends since elementary school.  We worked at the same place in high school and college.  We slept with some of the same guys.  Two of us lived together for awhile.  We all stayed close for a couple of years after high school, but then life pulled us in separate directions.  The usual story. We’ve seen each other since for weddings and funerals–our weddings and the funeral of one friend’s mother (too young) and not too long ago for the other friend’s sister (way too young).  We all have children, but they’re different ages.  We married similar men–down-to-earth, hard-working, blue collar.  I told one of my friends a few years ago that no matter how long we’ve been apart, when we’re together it feels like we just stopped talking.  Last night was no different and, as I watched them move around and socialize with our classmates, I realized how much I still knew their body language. 

Every time we see each other I realize how much I miss them and vow to get us together again sooner and regularly.  It hasn’t happened yet.  But, in the meantime, I feel so blessed to have my always girlfriends, who don’t judge me for being busy, but let me step back into our friendship as if I’d just stepped into the next room for a moment.