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Everyone has a morning ritual. I have four children and so have had a nice lab in which to observe what happens when those rituals are disrupted.

My summer ritual has come to revolve around watching the Today show with my laptop on my lap and a cup of cocoa with some toast. I do some work, blog, eat breakfast, and catch up on the news and fashion trends all in the space of two hours.

So what happens when I lose signal to NBC? When I lose my wireless internet connection? When I run out of cocoa? Cranky.

A thunderstorm took out the tower of our local NBC station and so it’s been bumping its broadcast to another channel for those of us using digital antennas. Yes, we’re old school. We’re too far out in the sticks to get cable and we’ve eliminated our satellite television. We just don’t have that much time to watch TV and found that what was on the extra channels wasn’t that much better than what was on the networks. Anyway, our NBC station has been in and out and, when clouds pass over, more out than in.

This morning was one of those outs. We kept losing signal, so I finally switched over to CBS. Total crap. I grew up watching Good Morning America, so I thought, “why not? I’ll try them.” Ew–it was like watching Entertainment Tonight rather than a news program. I didn’t like the desk setup, the camera angles, the graphics or the music. My dislike was positively visceral.

I am getting old.

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On top of that, my toast burned this morning and my kids woke up an hour earlier than usual. So I said a quick prayer for patience and thought longingly, for just a moment, of the old time monks and nuns whose lives were dictated by ritual. But they probably didn’t get to watch the Today show as they leisurely sipped their cocoa and read the blogs that had just been Freshly Pressed. So I’ll suck it up and hope the rest of my day isn’t too far off of my afternoon ritual.