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I’ve posted earlier about how I became a Harry Potter fan. Needless to say, I have tickets to the opening of Deathly Hallows Pt. II Friday morning, preceded by a late Thursday night showing of Pt I.

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming film. This is not because it’s the last one and it’s going to be over. With DVD nothing is over. The mixed feelings are about how well this grand conclusion is going to be translated into film. I thought that Deathly Hallows Pt. I was an accomplishment. How, I and millions of others, had wondered, would they turn the first half of the book into a film when the main action was Harry brooding? Beautifully. And even more beautifully in IMAX.

My trepidation stems from the previews. My husband and I have long been fans of previews. We used to rush to the movies in anticipation of the previews. They’re an art form, right? They seek to pique your interest, engage your emotions, and show all the best bits in under a minute. Deathly Hallows deals with such big themes and pulls on characters that viewers/readers have built relationships with over the course of a decade or more, so pulling on emotions should not be difficult. Despite these advantages, the previews have left me cold. Which makes me nervous about the actual film. I should be tearing up everytime I hear the music cue for the preview. Instead, this preview is making me teary.

And, as my youngest son so wisely observed, “Mom, it’s the music.” It’s all about the music. There’s no reason that Pooh walking around with a honey pot should make anyone tear up. There are many reasons that watching Harry battle Valdemort and Hogwarts be destroyed in an epic battle should stir emotions. But the Pooh trailer has the music right. Deathly Hallows’ music falls flat.

Oddly enough, what has gotten me excited about the film is this link sent to me by my oldest daughter: Harry Potter Yo Momma Exchange
And it inspired me to think of my own.

Yo momma so skanky when the Dementors gave her the kiss, she slipped them tongue.
Yo momma is Aunt Petunia.
Yo momma so skanky and stupid that, when Quirrel died, she offered to give Valdemort head.
Yo momma so dumb she giggles everytime someone says “Harry’s wand.”
Yo momma so loud she can send Howlers without having magic.
Yo momma so evil the Deatheaters are trying to recruit her.
Yo momma so skanky that everyone’s seen her chamber of secrets.
Yo momma so skanky and stupid she’s still looking for the Sorcerer’s Boner.
Yo momma so evil she was the original parselmouth.

Fun, right?