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Who is on your list of ten? You know that list of ten celebrities you could sleep with and not get in trouble with your significant other?

My list of ten has changed and shifted over the years, but one fella has stayed on the list: Harrison Ford.

I fell in love with Harrison as the Tom Clancy character, Jack Ryan. My least favorite is Hans Solo, although I have a growing appreciation even for that young version of my crush.

It’s trite to say that Harrison is aging like a fine wine, but so true that I can’t help but repeat it. And thank goodness he’s still making movies. I can’t wait to see Cowboys and Aliens, along with much of America, apparently. For me this has nothing to do with the idea of cowboys and aliens in one movie, which is why my eleven-year-old son will be going to the film. For me, it’s all about two rugged hunks.

I’m sure that the release of the new milk ad coincides with the publicity blitz for the movie is no accident. This fact made it no less of a delightful morning surprise as I opened USA Today over breakfast and saw the full page ad. Better than a butter-laden pastry.

I’ll take a tall glass of that–and some milk, too, please.