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I began blogging for myself. I hoped to make myself accountable to journal in a way that the beautifully bound journal on my nightstand just could not accomplish. Early on I was sucked in by the stats page. For awhile I thought life would not be complete until I was Freshly Pressed. I should note here that I also spent two solid weeks buying Beanie Babies on ebay in the late 90s. I avoid race tracks and casinos for obvious reasons.

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about life and our patterns and our comfort zones where I talked about living in the habitrail and I posted a picture of a pretty complex little habitrail.

That post has taught me great humility and helped cure me of my aspirations to being Freshly Pressed or the next Julie and Julia. The most-viewed post out of the 60 I’ve posted is the habitrail post and most people find it by Googling images of habitrails. Which means most people visiting my blog aren’t reading anything. They’re copying the habitrail picture.

My laptop case is not as pretty as the journal binding on my nightstand, but I’ve been more loyal to it. And I’m happy to have been a conduit for the highly-sought-after habitrail image. My #2 post is on bleeding ulcers. Want to guess how most people end up there? Google bleeding ulcers and look for images:)