Last night I was full of big plans for the morning.

I did wake up early, but, because it was so early, I decided to read and try to go back to sleep. Fail.

I did see a beautiful sunrise. Win.

I did interval training with the dogs. This really means walk and then jog and then walk. No bra yet, so arms over my chest. Not the best form. Thank goodness for no one being out that early.

I answered email and did some work.

I read some Freshly Pressed and checked on the blogs I follow. I have to make those sea salt caramels.

I panicked when I realized that my hair appointment was in twenty minutes. Lots of rapid movement.

Why did I have my hair cut since I plaster it to my head in a ponytail all summer anyway. Write the check. Leave the tip.
Home for lunch. Four cookies (seriously!!!! why did I bake last night?!!!!) for lunch dessert, if there is such a thing.
Now I’m sitting on my arse watching PBS Create channel, thinking I should take the kids to the pool, and blogging instead. Maybe when I get up to go the bathroom I’ll just keep moving to the pool. Or maybe I’ll take a nap. Damn inertia. Lovely lazy summer days.