My parents are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I think. Because, while Mom shared her political views, Dad did not. Except maybe in a facial expression once in awhile.

My brothers and I are also politically divided. Which makes for interesting dinner conversations. Or Facebook threads.

Some Facebook friends dislike having people air their political views on the News Feed, but I love a good thread, in part because it’s good mental dueling and partly because I learn about my brothers from these exchanges–and other friends brave enough to dive in!

Through these exchanges I have learned that

1) One brother is waiting for the apocalypse and has memorized the “rules” from Zombieland in preparation. If you haven’t seen it, Netflix it. I’ll get you started. The first rule is cardio.

2) One brother is incredibly well read in, like, real newspapers. I can’t roll with this brother and am shown up as a dabbler. Embarrassing, but educational at the same time. And I love to watch him cite stats at my more bombastic brother.

3) My cousins love politics, too, and are, like my brothers and I, on opposite sides of the spectrum and seem to embrace this.

4) My dad still refuses to engage in political conversations.

5) I love my family because they care about their country and the future enough to follow and debate these issues that come and go more quickly than middle-school love affairs.

6) We, like most of the country, across party lines, are coming to the growing realization that the system needs an overhaul. Now if someone just comes up with a way to really do that, I’ll vote for them.