This morning on my Facebook feed I had two notifications from different companies that I “Like” that today is National Lazy Day. When I read the first one, I thought they were kidding. Then I saw the second and heard it mentioned on the Today show. All I can say is, “Really?”

My first thought was, who violated the spirit of National Lazy Day by advocating for such a day? Then I realized that I have no idea how such days happen. Apparently, the president establishes them based on individual requests. You can send your request to the Office of Public Engagement.

Twelve hours later…..
I decided to enjoy the spirit of National Lazy Day and neither continue my research into its origins or finish this post. Now that it’s no longer National Lazy Day, but is instead National Presidential Joke Day and National Son and Daughter Day, I will research a joke about our president and go enjoy a day at the lake with one of my sons and one of my daughters while thinking fondly of the other two, who are off doing exciting things like working. Because National Lazy Day is over.