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Just a week ago, my family had famiy pictures taken with my husband’s ex’s family. Next week my husband’s ex and I go together to order our daughter’s senior pictures and family pictures from that extraordinary session. And last night, we agreed to book and put a deposit down on a venue for a joint graduation open house.

This can be interpreted two ways. In the first, idealistic, interpretation, we’re all maturing and can, finally, work together for the greater good of our shared child. Peace and love will reign forever and ever.

But, if you Google lion and the lamb, you’ll see that we live in a cynical age, which leads to the second interpretation.

From cheezburger.com

I am under no illusions about which of these two characters I am.

From elderbirdswords.wordpress.com

So I’m cautiously optimistic and healthily nervous. I’m watching for the other three horsemen.

I’ll keep you posted.