This week I heard a story about a ghost that resides in my workplace. Apparently a reporter, with whom I was speaking, had come to the building with a paranormal activity investigation group with all of their paraphanalia to get the scoop. This reporter was highly skeptical, but came out saying that it’s indisputable that something is in the building. So there’s a ghost at work. Ok. I’m comfortable with that, especially because I’m never in the building when there aren’t also tons of other people there.

I grew up in a house in which a previous resident had passed away. She died in a bedroom that my parents converted to a bathroom. As a child, I often wondered how her ghost felt about that because, as a child, I, of course, believed she had to be a ghost still living in my house.

Yesterday I was reminded of the ghosts of past decisions. A decision to marry a high school sweetheart. A decision to become financially involved with a family member. I was haunted by ghosts of this type.

In the evening I was taking pictures of my youngest son with his new/old camera that used to belong to my late grandfather. I was visited by the ghosts of days passed when I realized my grandfather’s pictures were still on the SD card. So I flipped through them and many of the pictures included my grandfather (clearly taken by someone else). Others were obviously taken by my grandfather, particularly the series of his garden. I felt guilty, like a sneak, looking at these pictures. I also felt intensely connected to my grandfather.

Therefore, I should not have been surprised when, during the night, I dreamed of my grandfather. It was one of those strange dreams in which there was more talking than doing and I had a great talk with grandpa. I wish I could remember everything we discussed. When I woke, what was left, as is so often the case with dreams, was a feeling and this time the feeling was of contentment and love and security.

I can deal with those kinds of ghosts. Visit me anytime, grandpa.