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This morning was a step backward in maintaining zen. I yelled a little. About things that weren’t all that important.

When I apologized to one victim, I realized I was approaching him with my arms crossed. My, what welcoming body language. So I put my hands on his shoulders, looked him in the face and apologized. Mark one for being a grown up.

Later in the day, I opened up my contacts list to call my husband’s ex and I saw the photo I had uploaded as her thumbnail smiling at me.

Not only was that not nice, it was pretty immature. It said more about my powerlessness than about her. I don’t exactly have loads of pictures of her on my phone, however, so I had to problem solve. I went to Facebook and took a picture of her in one of our oldest daughter’s pictures. I didn’t even choose a bad picture. And I took the picture of her face, not her ass.

Wow. Am I grown up or what? One step closer to adulthood.