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Today’s post is brief and it begins a series of food reviews of special menu items created by fast food restaurants to celebrate autumnal glory. After all, Michigan’s economy has suffered tremendously in the recent recession, and, since we’re heading for another, according to economists on all parts of the economic theory spectrum, fast food will be our big night out for awhile here in the mitten state and elsewhere around the country.

Review #1–the McDonalds Caramel Apple Sundae

The new fall sundae from McDonalds offers a small taste of their vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with warm caramel and diced Granny Smith apples. The first time I tried one, the whole thing fell flat, but the second, third, and fourth tries have improved my view of this sundae. The sundae is best when the warm caramel is poured over the apple pieces, which acts to warm the diced apple and create an apple pie ala mode taste without the bothersome buttery goodness of pie crust involved. McDonalds offers the same toppings on a yogurt parfait, but I have not yet tried this fall treat.

Overall, I applaud McDonalds for finding a transitional dessert for those of us who became addicted to their soft serve ice cream cones, priced at a mere 80cents here in Michigan, over those steamy summer months.

I guess I just have to say, I’m lovin’ it.