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Maybe this is just our PBS station, but what is up with the endless Celtic music and Great Performances when it’s fundraising time? I think the clue may rest in the AARP crowd in the seats, but is that seriously where PBS funding is primarily coming from? If so, I better start an addiction to cable television because public television is a dying entity. Granted, I enjoy some of those special programs, but I don’t donate money based on the bs they bring in for fundraising week. I donate because I love the regular programming. Because I love that my kid can watch quality children’s programming without commercials at any given time of day. I love that I can watch news from foreign outlets at any time of day. I love that I can watch nature/travel/cooking shows at any time of day (love that Create channel).

Is that Jackie Evancho download is done yet? And when is Masterpiece Theatre coming back on?