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Six days ago I wrote about McDonald’s Sweet Autumn Shake. In glowing terms. Sadly, interestingly (take your pick), it’s been the most popular post for those six days. And last night, when my youngest daughter and I went through the drive-thru after a long walk in the local gardens, we were told there is no more Sweet Autumn Shake.
“Is it over already?” I asked, thinking, Jesu, it’s not even October 1 yet. I realize Walmart has up Christmas crap, but I would think a pumpkin-based flavored shake could stay until the first of October, the official pumpkin month.
“Our factory that we get them from ran out, so we have Chocolate Banana. Do you want to try that?”
“Thanks, but no.”

Chocolate Banana shake at the end of September? Ugh. Just ugh generally. Is it even a real banana? Because, as I said in my review, I’m sure there’s a real pumpkin in that shake.

I was about to call shenanigans when I realized this was an excellent example of the power of the blogosphere. My review (it must be what’s responsible here) led to the sell-out of the Sweet Autumn Shake in just six days. Power to the people. Now I guess I’ll have to make the pumpkin pancakes that looked so yummy on the Curvy Carrot the other day in order to get my pumpkin fix. It was so much easier to drive through.