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I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile, and this weekend, one of my favorite bloggers, Sunflower Girl, wrote about post prompts.

I want to rant specifically about the type of post prompts WordPress offers when you’ve just finished a post. On the left column are your congratulations, your word count, suggestions for other tags, etc. On the right comes the are you stuck for something to write about prompts.

Problem #1: I just published a post. I wasn’t blocked then and, if I’m blocked 30 seconds after publishing a post, maybe I should just go live life a little, have some reflection time, or just breathe.

Problem #2: The prompts. They do have an upside. They make me laugh. Every time. I just published a post and here was the top prompt: Cake or pie? Oh my God (OMG just didn’t have enough gravitas here). Maybe the person with the block is the person responsible for coming up with prompts. Or that person needs to go have a meal or a snack or chew a piece of gum. The next one was how long would you be willing to live without the internet? I can’t even remember the third one because, by the time I finished this second epic post prompt, my brain had turned to mush and I stared into space for a good ten minutes marveling at how sad I must be to be blogging if this is what it all comes down to.

If I want to feel this lame, I’ll go read the emails that come streaming in every morning from Living Social. Do I want to rejuvenate my face, tune up my vacuum, redecorate my home, or take dance classes (those all came in the last five minutes while I was writing this post). Or the offers from Jetsetter, now partnering with that new show, Pan Am (God knows why), to whisk me away to Mexico, Baja, Big Sur, Las Vegas, Sweden, San Francisco, Uruguay, Iceland, Turkey, Atlanta, Thailand, Bangkok (hey, I saw Hangover II–avoid that one), a place I don’t even recognize called Anantara Phuket, the Maldives (isn’t that a salad green), Costa Rica, Tunisia, or West Virginia.

West Virginia?

I think I’ll go contemplate the cake or pie question.