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Mary Cassat

This morning my youngest daughter said to me, “Mom, my school friends are going to love you when they meet you.” We were waiting to go a field trip.

“Why?” I said, not sure I was ready for the answer.

“Because you’re so beautiful,” she said in a tone that suggested it was so obvious I shouldn’t have even asked.

I got all misty-eyed, which smoked up my already smoky eyes and make me look a little like a Goth zombie. She didn’t change her evaluation, however.

Later that day I heard an artist talk by a friend and she talked about her mother and called her crazy beautiful.

There it was again.

When I was a kid, I used to wish my mom would dress “in style” like some of the other moms. When I grew up, I realized that she didn’t dress “in style” because she spent all of the wardrobe budget dressing us “in style.” How beautiful is that. My mom is the most beautiful woman I know. Right before my grandmothers. And my daugthers. And my aunties. You might be seeing a theme here.

My oldest daughter most likely believes her mom is the most beautiful woman she knows. And, to be honest, I’ve come to see her as more beautiful as I see more and more of her features in our daughter. Her mom is most beautiful, but I know she’s a fan of my hair. That’s something for a stepmom:)

We start off so dedicated to our mothers, like our four-year-old daughter, and then become hyper-critical, like my wish for an “in style” mom, and then become more and more dedicated again as we age.

I hate it when blogs ask questions at the end, but this time I feel compelled. How many of you see your mother as the most beautiful woman you know? What makes her so beautiful? If it’s not your mother, who is the most beautiful woman you know and why?