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So WordPress asked me cake or pie and I’m answering—popcorn. Who doesn’t like popcorn? It’s the perfect food. Why?

1) High in fiber. Activia yogurt is Metamucil for Baby Boomers. Popcorn manages poop across generations.

2) Low calorie. Around 50 calories a cup for oil-popped and ridiculously low for air-popped until you add some oil so the flavors will stick.

3) It can be made in so many formats. In a kettle. In a pan atop the stove (traditional). Jiffy Pop (nothing funner). Air popper (almost as fun as Jiffy Pop, but without the fun turban thing going on). Microwave (toxic product, but ultra convenient for places where you don’t have access to a cooktop).

4) Is the perfect medium for any flavor. Butter. Salt. (traditional). Caramel (only slightly less traditional). Kettle corn (sugar and salt combined–total win). Cheese. Garlic. Ranch. BBQ. Pretty much anything that you can shake out of a shaker or melt and pour.

5) Is emotionally connected to the movie theater experience, a total positive for everyone I know.

I love cake and pie, but I can’t cover them in salt and/or sugar and meet all of my cravings at once. And then have a good poop the next day without having to think about live yogurt cultures or waiting for Metamucil to dissolve. And that’s perfection.