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McDonald’s has gone for the fall trifecta by adding a pumpkin pie to their autumn menu. Those who are fans of the McDonald’s pie of any other sort will enjoy the crust they have come to expect with the delightful addition of some cinnamon. What is not so delightful, however, is the lackluster pumpkin filling. It’s orange and has the texture of pumpkin from a can, but none of the spicy yumminess of the Sweet Autumn Shake. What has happened here? It’s almost like pumpkin babyfood in a cinnamoned McDonald’s pie crust. I thought of scooping out the pumpkin so I could enjoy the crust. That’s how uninspiring the filling was, especially once I thought of the baby food angle.
So, take a pass on the Pumpkin Pie. Get the good old Apple or Cherry if you’re a McD’s pie fan, and try one of their other two fall food lineups, the Caramel Apple Sundae or the Sweet Autumn Shake, if they’re both still available in your area. Or ask someone you love to bake you a real one. Or look at some of the amazing food blogs for a recipe, or try something else pumpkin to satisfy the craving, like the pumpkin pancakes from the Curvy Carrot.