When I first heard Adele’s Chasing Pavements, I fell in love. That husky voice was an attractive package for the evocative lyrics. When she released her new album, Rolling in the Deep hit the airwaves. And hit the airwaves. And hit the airwaves. Until my husband called it a curse.
Now she’s released my favorite single off of her new CD, Someone Like You, and I’m jamming in the car every time it comes on. Which is about every 20 minutes.
And my husband hates it already. I’ve already made its lyrics my Facebook status. Twice. Honestly, when that woman sings the word, “bittersweet,” I can feel every heartbreak I’ve ever experienced, but with a yummy caramel glaze.
Apparently he has forgotten the night I bought the CD. I haven’t. Almost as yummy as caramel glaze. Maybe maple.

And because I love him, I’ll keep Adele’s lyrical genius under a bushel basket. I’ll only hum the lyrics when he’s around. But I’m still belting them out in the car.