I laughed when pundits began talking about what was trending on Twitter. Usually it’s something banal and I’m just never sure what it tells us except that, for people who are too busy to do anything like relax or work out or cook at home or read to our kids, we find a lot of time to write about crazy crap in various venues. Ahem. As I was saying, I laughed about trending.

But the last few days I’ve been watching some trends on this blog’s stats and they really have me wondering. When impressivebuy.com linked my review of the Sweet Autumn Shake, my views were definitely trending to that particular search and post. But the last two days, McDonald’s has been overtaken by little green and red garden invaders–the gnome. Gnome is the most common search term to lead viewers to my blog (or the image from my blog) post about a bad headache. And it’s a growing trend.

So what the gnome is going on that so many people are suddenly searching for images of gnomes? It’s not garden season. Or are their garden gnomes once again visible now that foliage is dying and they’re trying to decide if it’s cruel and unusual to leave them out in the elements or if they deserve to be brought in somewhere warm and sheltered for the winter months? Is everyone searching Travelocity to get out of the cold weather and are being subliminally implanted with gnome visuals? Just what is up with the gnome?

I’m definitely hoping to hear some hypotheses here. I think I’ll put a gnome pic in just in case some gnome-seeker accidentally reads the post and decides to respond to my plea. It’s not a scientific way of gathering a sample, but it will have to do. I have to gnome what’s going on.