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I am an eavesdropper. I consider myself not so much nosy as a student of the human condition. What people talk about and where and how is infinitely interesting to me. So tonight while I was working in the library I was not surprised to hear a noisy family come in behind me. What became interesting was when they sat down at the coffee shop tables (we have one of those in our library–very trendy, you know) and began to have a family dinner of take-out pizza. At the library coffee shop. Now, it was after hours for the coffee shop, but this choice of dining locations still intrigued me. Why not take the pizza home, where you wouldn’t have to shush your three very small children as they ate? Where you wouldn’t have to haul in napkins and wet wipes and plates, etc.?
I am cheap, but this little dinner out idea has never occurred to me. I’m going to let it continue not occurring to me. I’m left wondering, what made it occur to them? And how did they assess its success?

Has anyone else done something similar? I would think the strange looks from the grumpy ladies at the circulation desk would be enough to ruin the mood. Then again, maybe that was half the fun.