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Seriously. Where has the person gone who takes care of Freshly Pressed? The same blog posts have been pressed so long they’re starting to smell and have turned a fuzzy green. I’m fairly certain that even those whose posts are up have passed the point of embarrassment at being labeled freshly anything. Has WordPress looked into his/her disappearance? Have they thought of assigning a replacement until s/he’s located? Anyone who logs into wordpress.com and wants to know how to make their own vanilla has read it, done it, and now has vats of the stuff just waiting for chocolate chip cookies and other treats. Anyone who’s taken an English class and thought their teacher was a repressed third-world dictator has discovered the lies their English teacher told them. What is up? I know it’s not because there’ a lack of suitable replacement material. I read a post the other day ranting about how to become Freshly Pressed and it was hilarious and fresh. Most of the blogs I follow I have found because of or through blogs that have been Freshly Pressed. It’s a time saver, right? Even if I disagree (often) with the editor’s judgment, there are some gems there.
So please, Mr/Ms. Freshly Pressed. If you’ve wandered away of your own accord, please return. If you’ve been kidnapped by angry bloggers who have yet to be pressed, please blog a rescue plea or just agree to press them. They can’t be any worse than some of your past choices and at least they’d be fresh. And, for God’s sakes, WordPress, pay attention to the fact that Mr/Ms. Freshly Pressed has disappeared and fill the gap, man. Idle minds are waiting for fresh fodder.