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So the planet’s population has reached 7 billion, but not much has changed in my part of the planet. I still see the same set of people: the couple of handsful of people I love, a couple I like a lot, and a handful I wish would just disappear. This set me to thinking about some important contradictions that govern life in the modern first world.
1) We have more people than ever, but feel more lonely.
2) We have more channels than ever, but can’t find anything to watch.
3) We have more food than ever, but enjoy it less.
4) We have more time-saving devices than ever, but less time.
5) We have more means of communicating with one another, but don’t know what to say when.
6) We are the most advanced civilization that has existed, but we lack civility.
7) We spend more years in school on average than any people before us, but we are less educated.
8 ) We have extended the legal protections of childhood to unprecedented lengths, but childhood is getting shorter and shorter.
9) We are a global world, but most of us know nothing about how the people next to us live or even who they are.
10) We enjoy the highest average standard of living seen in history, but are the most unhappy and dissatisfied.

Seven billion people. Maybe one of them will resolve some of these contradictions. And then share the answers with the rest of us.