Several months ago I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I’d been blogging faithfully for a couple of months and I was ready to push myself to another commitment. November seemed a safe distance away. Surely life would be calm, cool and collected by then and my desk in my office would be cleaned and waiting for a hopeful writer to sit and write.

November first came and NaNoWrMo groups launched the activities with write-ins all over the country. I didn’t even have time to blog. My NaNoWrMo began Nov. 6 on a pad of paper with a pen, a way I did not think I was still capable of composing.

It has continued with some progress being made every day, although I’m not at 1667 words a day average and I’ve made peace with my NaNoWrMo extending through Christmas.

What’s most exciting is that I’m doing it, that my characters on taking on lives of their own and saying and doing things I didn’t expect. They’re waking me up wanting to speak and get on with their lives. It’s invigorating.

I don’t expect this novel, if I even finish, to make me famous. It’s enough that’s it’s already making me happy. Thank you, National Novel Writing Month, for giving me a kick in the pants and the courage to sit down and just write.

I’ll be back to more regular blogging when it’s over.