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What is it about the theater that is so magical? It’s the modern liturgy.
Ticket counter. Pass the plate.
Trailers. Opening hymns.
Feature presentation. Homily/sermon.
Popcorn. This is my body.
Diet Coke. This is my blood.
Closing credits. Recessional.

Sadly, most movies leave me thinking harder than many homilies.
Today’s movie was a second-rate holiday film, New Year’s Eve. Lots of cameos by recognizable stars. Lots of sermon about forgiveness and hope and making new starts. Lots of loose plot lines. Some spectacularly bad acting (Jon Bon Jovi).

So why did I walk out feeling calmer than I went in? More at peace?
Much like the liturgy, it’s a mystery and, most likely, a sum of all of the elements.
Mine is not to question why. (My apologies to Lord Tennyson)

Guess who’s going to church every day this week?