Note to Self Winter 1994:

Your heart is not big enough. You cannot do this. I know you think that you can do anything through force of will and good hard work. You cannot. Even your God cannot help you with this one because you will not listen.
So give yourself permission to go 10% rather than 110. Sit on the sidelines. Be the observer, not the doer.
I know you won’t listen to me because you haven’t learned these lessons yet. You will dismiss me as faint-hearted and cowardly, maybe even lazy.
I admire you for being so stupidly courageous. I wish I could have your heart again. And your unwrinkled forehead.
I’d say wear sunscreen, but it’s already too late and someone has already used that line.
If you get this, write back and tell me why I’m wrong. Or thank me.