Last year I saw in the New Year sleeping two adults in a twin bunk bed bundled in sweat pants and sweatshirts in the frozen tundra. This year I missed the big moment altogether because we were watching a movie and my husband (who was watching his phone) forgot to tell us when the big moment was approaching. Happy 2012. I guess it was rung in in our household the way that was appropriate–it was just another day changing over to the next. The challenges of yesterday/last year are the same today, but so are the blessings.

The best part of New Year’s is the routine of reflecting on the last year and how things have changed, or maybe how they haven’t.

I made a photo album of the pics off my cell phone last night and I think I’ll make that a tradition. It was fun to look back at the goofy stuff and the big moments that I thought called for commemoration.

Like the rest of the world, I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure no one else gives a shit what they are, but since this is in largest part a log to myself, here goes.

1) Be a saint. Do what a saint would do, even if I feel like a raging devil bitch. Habitus, baby. A Jesuit education has at least given me that vocabulary. Why be a saint? Because being a bitch is fun for such a short time.

2) Take care of me, but keep it in perspective. Take care of me so that I have something to give to those around me.

3) Be more present. Hopefully this will be easier if I follow #2.

4) Don’t check my phone while I’m driving. Hopefully this will be easier if I follow #3.

5) Get back the legs I had in 1995. What’s on top of those legs will look nothing like what was there in 1995, but I think I can pull off some semblance of the legs. Why 1995’s legs? Because they were the top of the hill, baby. I can give names and phone numbers if you want to verify this, but I’m sure you don’t.

6) Listen to more music. And more books.

7) Honor my mother and father. The honoring part is easy. Showing them enough is the hard part.

8) Close your eyes, Mom. Let pennies rain from heaven more than three times a year.

9) Take pictures. Lots of them.

10) Buy and learn how to play a piano. Or maybe learn the guitar.

There they are. At least now I can check back next year to see how I did. I wanted to do that this year and I know I failed at at least one, because I couldn’t find them:)