I’ve written today’s post already and have some stuff rumbling around my head, so I’m drafting this ahead of time. I’ll consider tomorrow if that’s cheating on Project 365.

So I’m wondering, what is the average shelf life of a blog? So many people seem to stop and start. I look at the blogs I read and many have been going for less than a year. Who blogs more than a year? Is it still necessary? Do they move their blogs? Start new ones? Get sick of themselves? Do blogger rehab?

Why do people blog? Many seem to do it just to get the shit out of their heads, like Dumbledore’s pensieve. I personally would love one of those, even though the potential abuses are frightening.

How many blogs are about movies?
How many are about photography?
Why are we so drawn to those? I say this having clicked on caramel pepper bacon and the year in photography just fifteen minutes ago.

Why is it getting so hard to read anything in a small font that is double-spaced?

Am I a voyeur? Are we all voyeurs?

I had a great idea for a themed blog earlier today, but I’ve already forgotten it.

Why does it feel like a Project 365 blog has to start on January 1? Can’t 365 start at any time and proceed for the next 364 days?

Why can’t we all stay home on permanent vacation and enjoy the life we’ve been blessed with? Only a spoiled, privileged person would ask this, I know, but it’s still on my mind.