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I realize this seems to break resolution#1, but even Mother Theresa had to have vented once in awhile.  I guess I should rephrase my resolution to act like a saint.  There, now I’m liberated.

Some people are just f-sticks.  It’s too bad, because there are a lot of amazing people out there, but our amazement at those people does not last nearly as long as our disappointment in the f-sticks.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have received more air time this week in most media outlets than any world news item.  Seriously, I don’t care that Russell took off his ring weeks before they announced their divorce.  It’s sad that another marriage has failed, but that’s about it.  And now I wonder what she was thinking every time I hear her song on the radio about “in another life.”  That’s the extent of it.

I don’t care how Kim Kardashian keeps her curves.  Why do we allow media conglomerates to make people and then shove them in our faces 24/7 from various angles and why do we then eventually give up and consume them?  Because we’re f-sticks.

Why do some people use the compassion of others to their own nasty benefit?  Manipulation should be just a technical term in physical therapy.  Enough of the head games.  That goes for everyone.

Why have we become like that dog in Up who runs around saying “Ball, ball?”  We can’t keep resolutions for a solid ten days?  I guess I’ll take some comfort in the fact that we still make them.  Over and over and over and over, according to surveys.

Tattooing something on your skin does not make it so, unless you’re an f-stick and tattoo I’m an f-stick on  your skin.  Or you’re the case worker from Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.  Those might actually be legit.

Why do we go to see movies that we know suck when it encourages the creation of more sucky movies?  The Devil Inside made $34 million dollars last weekend and it sucks.  It made more than the opening weekend of We Bought a Zoo that, while not a great, deserved to do better than the shit that was inside last weekend’s top grossing film.

People voted for Mitt Romney again.  And the rest of the f-sticks seeking the Republican nomination.

Some f-sticks blog for 384 words about how people are f-sticks.  F-stick.