Well, the new year has lost its shine.  After all, it’s a whole ten days old.  So it’s time to stop and reflect on my resolutions.  It’s never too early to take stock and, let’s face it, ’tis the season because there’s so little else to do.

1) Be a saint.  I have done this some of the time, so I’m considering this one still live.

2) Take care of me, but keep it in perspective.  Oddly enough, this one has been pretty easy to stick to.

3) Be more present.  Still live, even if not 100% successful.

4) Don’t check my phone while I’m driving.  I’ve been better, but have had horrible binges, once that caused a swerve across that rumble strip on the edge of the highway.  Renewed my resolve.  But, damn, driving is boring.

5) Get back my legs from 1995.  Trip to Chicago and its wonderful restaurants not so helpful with that, but walking all over the city made me feel less guilty about it.  Bought bigger dress pants.  Baggy pants=less guilt over legs.  At least until summer.

6) Listen to more music and more books.  Harder now that I have to go back to the real world, but I am listening to music while I cook.  Helps soothe the savage bitch.

7) Honor my mother and father and show it more.  I thanked my dad for taking care of our animals while we were out of town and let him get nearly to his car before I ran out to give him a hug.  Why am I such a non-hugger?  Hug more.  I read in Time that it releases stress.  Helps with resolution #2 and #7.

8) Not much progress on that front.  Sorry, honey, but I have a whole year.

9) Took loads of pics in Chicago.  Haven’t taken my camera out of its bag since just after Christmas.  Need to get on the stick with this one.

10) No musical instrument purchased or lessons arranged.  11.75 months left.

11) I added one.  Read to my daughter every night.  I did this with my older kids, but life seems to be busier and there are too many nights this just doesn’t happen.  Shame on me.

I haven’t given up on my resolutions.  Now I need to resolve to keep checking on them every ten days.  Ha! That one I’m likely to break.