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It started so innocently.

A new phone.  A four-year-old daughter looking to be entertained.

The Market.  Smurf Village.

At first she didn’t get it and I left her to her own devices.

She figured it out.  Digital native.

She grew her village.

She asked me a question.

I realized she needed coins and that we had a choice of crops.  We started off with the gateway crop:  the free blueberries that could be harvested in 30 seconds.  Now we’re up to potatoes that take 24 hours to mature.

Our son has organized the village into farming areas and residential zones.

I check the Village when I come back from a meeting.  When I wake up in the morning.  The kids manage the Village in the car.

How has this happened?  I laugh at the Farmville notifications.

But we’re in the middle of a mission from Papa Smurf to bring in 30 artichoke harvests.

I think we need an intervention.

I’m doing it for the kids.