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We’re a pretty casual group.  We come home from work and put on sweats.  I don’t put on makeup unless we’re going somewhere.  We enjoy days where we never have to get out of our pajamas, especially in the winter.

The glory of pajama days is that they stretch out forever.  There’s no schedule to follow.  The older I get, the more I realize the value of not being over scheduled.  Being productive is good.  Being frantic/manic is not.

Today is a day off for my school-age kids and a work from home day for me, which translates to a pajama day.  It’s noon and no one has dressed or showered.  I may dress and shower later.  Right now I’m working in my pjs next to my daughter, who’s playing PBS Kids and watching Signing Time on the PBS channel.  Am I teaching bad multi-tasking habits?  Probably.  Are we having fun chilling?  Do you even need to ask?

It’s almost enough to make me lobby for national pajama day.

Looks like somebody beat me to it.  http://nationalpajamaday.com/

Good.  Now I can get back to working on my real “to do” list while I lounge in my pajamas and stop every once in awhile to snuggle my daughter in her super snuggly fuzzy jammies.