This weekend has been another Michigan shut-in.  That usually means movie time.

This weekend it’s been the Twilight series on DVD.

I read the books.  Loved them.  Even when the writing was awkward.  I read a lot of trashy romances in my younger days and the scenes between Edward and Bella were hotter than most I remembered.  Whatever anyone thinks, Twilight made waiting sexy again.

Bella gets the dream–a guy who finds her scent to be like heroine.  A guy who looks at her like food.  A guy who’s been waiting over a century for her to come into his life.  And he’s hot.  Pale, but when she wants color she has Jacob.  Who also lives to serve her.

I’m solidly in the Edward camp.  I love me a six pack, but a brooding look and a taste for Shakespeare are more within my realm.

So color me pale and celebrate me for whining self-indulgence.

The big change there would be the celebrating.  And the vampire boyfriend.  Well, maybe just the celebrating.  I dated a few vampires.  Hasn’t everybody?

Back to the angst and gloom.  And sexual tension.  It’s so much more interesting from this side of it.