I am one of those people who can’t sleep.  At least not in the early morning hours.  For hours.

This explains why yesterday I was not so upset to find myself with the flu.  This particular strand of flu did not involve vomiting or any other unpleasant bodily evacuations.  Just a fever, aches, and absolute need to sleep.

I haven’t had sleep that good since the last time I took too much NyQuil in a desperate attempt to gain relief from a bad cold.  You know the kind.  When you wake up, it’s like coming up from under water and you head still feels cloudy.  The kind of sleep where it’s possible to just surrender to the wave and go right back to sleep?  Where you sleep so hard your body doesn’t wake enough to roll over and you wake up with a throbbing ear?  A sleep so demanding that any thought of work is futile.

It’s God’s/biology’s way of giving you a day off.  A real day off.

Maybe I can schedule one of those for this same time next February.