February 2012 was a calendrical black hole.  It was a tumultuous month, but not one that was conducive to blogging.  So I begin again with renewed aspirations in March.  Well, March 5.  I’ve lowered by expectations of myself to once a week because part of what I’ve learned by journeying through the calendrical black hole is that no good can truly come of focusing too much on self actualization.  Unless you’re a hermit.  In which case, actualize yourself away.  I prefer to actualize with others, which means giving up some self time.  And the ability to poop without someone walking into the bathroom and either sitting down for a chat or pushing their wet nose into my hand hoping for a hostage petting session.   In all fairness, she’s reduced to this type of begging because I’m too busy self actualizing to give her proper attention.  Pee and pet.  Poop and pet.  The ultimate multi-task.

Here’s to March.