Friday, 7:05 pm just before we spring forward.

The sun is still visible in streaks of pink to the west.

I just typed peak instead of pink and had to go back because I’ve had two glasses of wine to unwind from a really pretty ordinary day.

Why is that?

Yesterday I decided I wanted to drop ten pounds before my birthday.

Tonight I ate a vat of cheese and a mountain of tortilla chips as I prepared manicotti.  And drank two glasses of wine.

It’s a good thing I’m no longer Protestant. I’d be excommunicated.

At the beginning of this week I created what I thought was a modest to do list.

I finished two items.

I’ve woken up every night this week with anxiety attacks.  And I’m on “vacation.”

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

More wine, waiter, please.

Two more minutes til manicotti.

I’m full, but I’ll eat.  Because it’s dinner time.

TGIF, baby.