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Forgive me.  It’s one of those days.

The weather here is unseasonably warm, which has pale-skinned, overweight northern climate types out in shorts two months too early.  People who haven’t moved more than from couch to refrigerator in nine months are now out walking and biking and, God help us, roller blading.  We’re not a fat region because we’re lazy.  We’re fat because winter sports suck because you can’t do them without first being cold.

We’re enjoying the weather while bear cubs are being left unattended while mother bears go further and further afield in search of water because the g-d snow melted too soon.

The circle of life is a mean bitch.

Women are in political office.  Yeah for the right to vote.  Women politicians are proposing legislation that diminishes a woman’s right to control her own body.  Women are cannibals.  I’m surprised we organized as a group long enough to get the right to vote.  Seriously, ladies.  Disgusting.

It’s Women’s History Month.  What have you heard about that?  I’ve heard nothing.  I heard spots on Black History Month all through February.  Then crickets start chirping.  What the hell?  52% of the population and we can’t put on some educational programming or celebrate our role in shaping our culture?

Hmmmm.  Points two and three might be related.

Every morning more headlines that identify problems, but don’t suggest solutions.  Not real solutions.

Everything’s so complicated that I can’t figure out where to begin.

No one can, which is why we’re tuning into reality tv shows that bring everything down to 2-3 story lines that are easy to follow and that don’t really impact the lives of anyone except those being exploited/made rich by the reality they’re selling.

I heard a story yesterday on Fresh Air with Terry Gross that suggested we start compromising with the Taliban in Afghanistan.  The guest was an expert journalist and author on that region.  What he said made political sense.  But what about the way the Taliban treats women?  Is it ok to be friends with people who violate the human rights of over half of the population because it’s politically expedient?

Why are teenage boys with dark skin still being shot for carrying nothing more than Skittles?

Why did a boy band who lost the British X-Factor debut at number one and knock out Bruce Springsteen?  What does Twitter have to do with music?

Why are libraries having to argue for the efficacy of buying books?

Most importantly, why can’t anyone come up with a zero calorie brownie?