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Fast food is a reality of my life.  I drive, I eat.  Often I drive and eat food that tastes only moderately worth the calories I’m consuming.

Not so with McDonald’s limited-time offering, the Strawberry Cream Pie.  Even typing it I realize it sounds improbable.  A tasty cream pie from McDonald’s?  Cream and heat lamp do not shout logical partnership.

Until you bite into one.

The Strawberry Cream Pie manages to combine the tastes of a strawberry cheesecake with the best of McDonald’s ability to crisp up fat.  And, unlike the Sugar Cookie pie, which was offered during the Christmas holidays, I was not left wondering what chemical cocktail had created the sensation of flavor.  Each bite of the Strawberry Cream pie offers a combination of strawberry and cream cheese in perfect proportion to the crispy, flaky taste of buttery crust.

As an added bonus, this pie is drive-thru safe.  No burning, oozing cherry filling incidents here.