Twelve years ago I was crushed when my husband’s ex managed to keep our two older children from coming to the hospital when their first little brother was born.  It seemed so petty.  God must have been on her side, however, because when she had their second little brother a little over a year later, they were with her and she had full control over where they were and when.

Twelve years later I wish I could go back and have a chat with myself.

There is no winning if there are losers.  At least not that I’ve seen yet.

The only win is to be happy and refuse be a loser.

Sometimes that means letting go.

Letting go does not mean not caring.

The only actions you can control are your own.

That baby does not have two moms to fight over him.

He has one who needs to fight for him.

I have not been nearly as good a mom as I have expected others to be so I either need to tell myself to tone down the expectations of others or ratchet up my own game.

But he has been amazing.  I don’t need to tell myself anything about that because I’ve never stopped marveling at how much he has blessed my life.

Don’t forget to thank God for this baby.  And don’t stop taking pictures.