There is a tipping point in the morning at which it is decided whether I am going to be lazy or active and I can feel it as I sit in bed as my toes and thighs tingle.  If I ignore them, they will become leaden and I will be lazy today.  If I rise and do something, they will continue to tingle and I will be active.  Which is more productive?

Jalapeno seeds teach that touch

Has impact

Over and over its echo

Burns a tongue, a lip, an eye.

I read a headline that said if you check your phone first thing when you wake up, you probably have an iaddiction.  We have an addiction to naming our addictions.

Young Gabby Reynolds became the first African American to win the all-around gymnastics competition and the bronze medaling Russian gymnast pushed her coach as she came angrily off the balance beam.  Elsewhere girls their age are being sold into prostitution by their fathers and raped by soldiers because they’re on the wrong side of somebody else’s politics.  Two steps forward.