After a long hiatus, I’m back because today I left my youngest daughter at kindergarten.  Yes, left because that’s how I feel.  After years of taking children to school, this one is different. She’s the youngest, so there’s that.  She’s going to a new school, so the patterns and places and faces are new for us.  And our oldest children are graduated from high school and in that phase of life where we see and hear from them very little.  They have their own lives and, for one of them, they’re living with their mother full-time.

Like my youngest daughter, I walked up to the elementary school today afraid.  Afraid of what the future holds.  Sorrowful for what is behind is.  There’s no little hand holding mine today asking to watch PBSKids or begging me to make popcorn.

And it’s raining.  I don’t have to go into the office today, so I thought I would take that bike ride I’ve longed for.  Not looking so good for that.  Or I could blog so I don’t forget how nervous I was.  And that, once again, I’ve been forced to eat my words because I just became one of those moms.