Today’s to-do list:  read at least one book and complete the order of my photo yearbook.

What happened instead:  

  • two and a half hours of emails
  • some amazon.com shopping for books I will then plan to read on some other day
  • breakfast with my youngest daughter
  • grocery shopping
  • “quick” trip to Target
  • bank run
  • interspersed with tears over my recently passed grandmother
  • phone call with my mom
  • phone call with my oldest daughter and attempts to give advice over how to deal with a future mother-in-law who is so like her own biological mother 
  • attempts to restrain myself from not exclaiming about how she does not realize she is describing her biological mother
  • baking clearance Christmas sugar cookies
  • sitting in my chair basking in the glow of feeling needed
  • contemplating where in the world the day went as I realize it’s nearly dark out

Maybe tomorrow my to-do list will be to fritter away the afternoon.  Maybe then I’ll have a chance to sit down and read two books.  Or finish my New Year’s resolutions.