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Just in case I was in serious danger of having a conservative position on something, Sean Hannity pushed me screaming away from any such title today as I chanced upon his program while trying to escape some disgustingly sappy pop music.  In five minutes I remembered why I avoid certain spots on the radio spectrum.  He predicted the fall of American civilization months ago.  Why couldn’t anyone else see it at the time?  Because they’re not as smart as he is.  Boehner should have told Obama to shove it rather than trying to work together.  Why?  Because Obama is a crazed ideologue who wants to subvert our constitution by taking away our guns, stripping our military of its God-given budget, and implementing his socialist agenda.   How?  By appointing Chuck Hegel as Secretary of Defense.  Way to stick it to the Republicans because, incidentally, destroying the Republican party is next on Obama’s agenda after subverting the constitution.  And fulfilling his historical destiny to become a president like Reagan and FDR.  (Can someone explain this riff to me because I’m missing the thread).

Our president may lack true humility or patience or gravitas, however you see his moments of political faux pas, but rhetoric that stirs up an emotional crisis that simply does not exist is irresponsible the way a hit and run accident is irresponsible.

Even thinking about those five minutes to write this post has renewed my blood boil.  Thanks again, Hannity, for shoving me safely back to the middle.