Today I drove from one campus to another and began the rounds of the parking lot in search of a space.  Because time was tight, I ate a peanut butter sandwich in the car.  As I drove up one aisle, I tossed crust out the window.  I drove up and down two more aisles and returned to the beginning of my route.  I gave up my dream of a close spot and accepted my place at the end of the row.  As I walked to the building I saw a sandwich crust and thought, how funny that someone else threw out their crust today.  The world is a crazy place.  Then I realized that it was my crust that I’d thrown out the window as I started my quest for a parking spot.  I began to muse on what that meant in the cosmic order of things and how I wished I could sit down and write down all these deep thoughts. These deep thoughts led me to wonder who would possibly care what I thought about coming upon my sandwich crust and if no one cares, why does it matter if I have time to write it.  This led me back to my crust and time.  Maybe a crust is not important in the cosmic order and maybe my thoughts on the crust and the cosmic order are even less important, but time to think is important, no matter what about or who you are.  It’s only when we have time to think that we become less like hamsters and more like humans.