Have you seen this from Jada Pinkett Smith?


What do you think it means to not like each other, but to love each other?  What do you do if only one of you is interested in having a positive relationship?  

I wish I could look back and say I became a giant.  I became more of a dwarf, but I’ve only seen it with the perspective of nearly two decades.

This makes me wonder what perspective I will have two decades from now on our tumultuous relationship with our oldest son and my responses to it.

Last week I saw a young man from a distance who dressed similarly and walked similarly and suddenly I just missed our son.  No anger or resentment.  Just missing.  And I realized that I need to drop the anger and resentment in order to open the door to his truly re-entering our lives.

And the next day  he hurt me and the anger and resentment threw up the protective walls.  

Life is a process and the learning curve is recursive.