Vines need to suffer to create a grape with character—Guest on Rick Steves Europe

Hm.  Vines, too, eh?

I am not an athlete, but I have heard many athletes or sports’ commentators talk about the mental game.  This made sense, but in an abstraction.  This morning it became visceral as my mind freaked out because I could not see the end of my 5k track.  I wanted to give up.  Luckily, my car was at the finish line, so I had to persist.  Mind over matter.  It’s real.

My youngest daughter amazes me every single day, often many times in a day.  I watch her more carefully, I think, in part because I’m not caring for a baby and in part because she is the last, so I’m sure my other children were just as amazing but 1) I didn’t have a blog to record this fact and am awful at paper diaries and 2) I’m not sure I was being as attentive, as present, and I deeply regret that.  Our youngest daughter has been taking riding lessons for 9 months and, watching her ride today, I realized in a rush what a skillful (for a beginner) and confident rider she has become.   I would say I was proud, but I have nothing to do with her achievement beyond giving birth to her and driving her to lessons.  This wonder is something she has torn from the cosmos for herself.  I simply marvel at it and offer thanks.  

Sunny fall days are conciliatory gifts for the fact that we live in a part of the world that becomes so inhospitable over the next weeks.  Like chocolate, I’m never sure if they should be gobbled or savored.  

I love the promise of weekends.  And the fact that, no matter how I squander them, they return again on a regular schedule, offering me a renewed chance of redemption.