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I’ve been wanting to see the new Jack Ryan movie (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) since it came out a week or so ago.  I am a die-hard Harrison Ford fan.  My friends give me a hard time because he’s still on my “list.”  If you don’t know what the “list” is, you’re too young or too senior to truly appreciate most of what I’m going to say.  (Or you can Google and see how it’s related to an infamous Friends episode).  Back to the point.  The gray-haired Harrison has always been, to me, superiorly sexy.  I don’t care for the Hans Solo Harrison.  Too cocky and boyishly slim. 

I probably first fell for Harrison in his role as Tom Clancy’s character, Jack Ryan.  Steely, confident, but not showy, Harrison entered a crisis situation, did some stunts, laid down some one-liners, and saved the world.  I’m sure he had energy to carry his wife off to bed after briefing the President on his latest adventure. 

So the new Jack Ryan is supposed to be a prequel–the story behind his recruitment to the CIA.  I’m down with that, but chronologically there’s a problem.  He’s recruited post 911.  The original Jack Ryan stories are Cold War stories.  Ok, young kids won’t gel with the Cold War, so I can forgive that logical gap. 

What I couldn’t forgive is a Jack Ryan who, while good-looking, is just not Harrison Ford.  There’s no fire.  No sexual tension.  No sexy. 

It’s not just because I’m now middle-aged.  I’ll keep saying that.  It’s not about me. 

It’s all about the sex appeal of a nice-looking gray-haired gentleman. 

Thank goodness for Netflix.