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Just a short post this morning that leaves grief for the moment and celebrates love and joy.  It’s a snow day for my part of the world today, which means pjs, blankies, daytime tv in the background, and work on the laptop interspersed with visits to Facebook and the kitchen.  

On one of my Facebook visits, I glanced at the left column and saw those tiles of Friends and realized, in one of those lightbulb moments, that my two older children, the ones to whom I am stepmom, have photos I took as their profile pics and they have had them there for well over a year, nearly two.  

Why was this such a lightbulb moment?

Because I realized, when I saw those two tiles side by side, that they have chosen to identify themselves, at least in this venue, by moments I captured, moments in which I was involved.  I see those images and immediately recall those moments. 

And I realized how far I have come since I began this blog.  I no longer interpret myself as part of the periphery.  Now I see the bigger picture, a mosaic in which I play a part. 

Perspective, interpretation.  How we construct meaning.

That has made all the difference.